Mobile: better than telly?

Interesting report here from Ofcom that has been picked up by quite a few publications this morning. It’s easy to see how at face value this could read “teenagers prefer mobiles to TV”, sending TV channel controllers all round London into a panic. But I suspect that there’s no need for hysteria.

While the TV device may now be less vital for younger audiences, this doesn’t mean that TV content is.

If you ask tech-savvy teenagers to choose between a TV, a mobile and PC internet (as the survey does) many of them will quickly work out that if they choose a laptop or a mobile, they could do many things on it: talking to friends, listening to music, visiting websites, keeping up with people on Facebook, playing games, following celebrities on Twitter, sending partially-clothed images of themselves to school friends. And watching telly. The TV, on the other hand, looks rather one-dimensional by comparison. Logic, innit.

via Mobile: better than telly?.


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