Stuart Knapman

My name is Stuart Knapman and in my work life I’m a Senior Director at Essential Research and SPA Future Thinking, based in London. I’ve been a consumer researcher for around 15 years and previously worked at the BBC as Head of New Media Research and Head of Pan-BBC Research before setting up Essential Research with a couple of former BBC colleagues.

For a dozen years or more I’ve worked in the field of evolving media & technology, understanding ‘normal’ consumers and how digital media is changing the way they behave, and understanding how insight into consumer behaviours and needs can best be fed into the innovation process. I’m also rather interested in the ways that technology is changing what I do for a living.

I’ve been lucky enough to win the MRS ‘Best Conference Paper’ Award and have led projects that have won the MRS ‘New Consumer Insights’ Award and AOP ‘Best Insight Project’ Award and I often pop up at conferences to talk about stuff.

I’m also a father, a suburban commuter, a Cambridge United fan, and a prolific creator of iTunes playlists.

I should probably point out that these are all my own opinions and not those of my employer. Now that I have one.


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